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Paying For Your Entertainment

One of my geek friends from work was talking about movies and how this year seems to have a lot more good movies being released with several that he and his wife want to watch. The movies in the theaters seem to be going to DVD a lot quicker now, and he likes the convenience of being able to watch movies from the comfort of his own home. It’s a nicer environment than a big theater filled with rude people who talk during the movie, walk across the aisle in front of you, cough, etc. Not to mention the sticky floors from spilled sodas and dropped candy. So he was very happy to discover a way to watch movies online by using the various websites that are available to do just that today. Turns out you can watch TV shows online, too. Guess that’s a site I need to check out.

It is too bad that they have made it so expensive to watch TV. I remember when you just needed a working TV a decent antenna, nothing real fancy or expensive, and you could watch your TV. Now a days you have to dish out big bucks to even watch the evening news. I remember when we thought about the concept of Pay TV, we really thought there would be a box on top of the TV that you would have to deposit a quarter, much like the vibrating beds back in the motels that we used to stay in back then. Of course if that was the case, I’m sure today’s boxes would not accept any coins, set up to only accept dollar bills and/or a credit or debit card, am I right?


It’s Summer Time, Not Christmas Time

Hallmark is on my list of companies that needs to be told that we are sick and tired of Christmas being pushed on us way too early in year. I was in our local Hallmark store in the second week of August only to find that they were finishing up their Christmas ornament display. And then last week I was watching a show on the Hallmark channel and darned if they aren’t advertising some of their Christmas related movies. This is just ridiculous, it is way too early to be pushing Christmas on us!

FGM, This Madness Has To End

Just finished reading a book that has me all up in arms about the female genital mutilation that is affecting millions of young girls and women over in Africa. The book Desert Flower was written by Warris Dirie and Cathleen Miller and have since found out that in 2009, a feature-length film based on the movie was made and I am now searching to see if I can find that movie either at the library or on Amazon or eBay.

Every woman should read this book and/or see the movie. I want to learn more and see if there is anything that I can do to help this situation in any way possible. This madness has to end.

Whats On TV?

When the regular TV season for the major networks ended before Christmas, I just drifted away from watching much TV. I like to watch movies, and have rented a lot of good ones from Redbox these past couple of months. Now I am bored with movies and wish there were some good TV shows on worth watching. This time of year is still a lot of reruns and boring shows. Do you have any show that you make an effort to watch at night?

Great Gift

Contribution by Saul Martin

I wanted to get my parents something really special for Christmas this year, and had no idea what that would be. They spend most of their time together now that they are retired, so I thought it would be nice to get one big gift that they could share and use around the house. They pretty much have everything that they need, but have never been extravagant, and hardly ever spend on the extras. I was really stumped, and was starting to get desperate. I’m thinking about paying for their television services so they can keep enjoying watching all of the movies, cooking and sports shows that they love so much!